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The Mennonite Central Committee Connection

When Berhan first shared the story of the dream and what it could entail with our family, we were all a bit skeptical and wary of what could ensue. We are a family of bakers, cooks, farmers, and honey producers and it did not seem that we had the capacity to deal with the red tape and multiple forms that come with organizing overseas.We knew it would require another huge gift. We needed outside assistance; an agency that would believe in the story, able to help us arrange and deal with funding and donations, and provide support to Berhan overseas. As a family, we knew the Mennonite Central Committee was our first choice. We shared the story with them and after pondering it in their organizational heart; they agreed that Anna’s House was something they wanted to support.MCC had tried three times previously to initiate some kind of aid program in this same isolated area but had never been able to fully carry it out. The simplicity of Berhan’s approach and the complete relevance and authenticity of the story worked together to help the project work. There are currently fourteen children, ranging in age from two to fourteen, living in Anna’s House. The housing and schooling in Anna’s House is simple, decent and allows the children to fit into the community. The house mothers are women who have lost their own families and caring for the children allows them to give their best gifts and in turn, maintain a livelihood. Berhan and MCC representatives continue to jointly oversee the project
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